Terms & Conditions
Campaign Request – Briefing form

1. A campaign request form submission does not mean that the campaign has been booked.
2. A campaign request form is only considered as ‘complete’ once all the relevant information has been provided.
3. Once all the relevant information has been provided and an account manager has acknowledged that all information has been provided, will the lead times per channel apply.
4. The campaign will be reviewed by an account manager and feedback in the form of costings or communication requesting additional information will be provided to the client.
5. A campaign is considered as ‘booked’ when a signed cost estimate or a PO has been received to secure the booking.
6. (Max) Lead time to acknowledge a campaign request form can be up to 3 business days.
7. Each channels information needs to be completed on its own merit as the same criteria may not apply across an omnichannel campaign e.g. Instore media may be booked in 100 stores for one month nationally, till slip media can be triggered in all stores nationally for one month while digital may only be applicable for two days, all for the same campaign.
8. All channels requested on a campaign request form, might not be available or the best solution to obtain maximum reach and ROI, upon which Rainmaker Media will provide a media solution with suggested channels and periods to meet the briefed objective